Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elizabeth The Golden Age Movie Suite

Elizabeth The Golden Age Suite
Music by Craig Armstrong; Ar Rahman

In this sequel we are treated to a movie suite that is only connected with the original Elizabeth movie suite by name only.  This movie suite has two composers; Craig Armstrong who is well known for his ground breaking score for Moulin Rouge as well as many other motion pictures and Ar Rahman who is the leading composer of film music in India and is best known in the USA for his score for Slum Dog Millionaire for which he won an Academy Award. It is the first movie suite featured by these composers and we are treated to a rich work that delivers an eastern feel mixed in with synthesizers and choral voices that merge with the orchestral instruments with much bravado as well as some orchestral highlights. With a timing of 20:54, I hope you enjoy this one.  -MJ 



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