Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silverado The Movie Suite

Silverado Suite
Music by Bruce Broughton

Oh yeah! Talk about a rousing motion picture score to a western that pulls out all the stops and delivers a shot faster than a gunslinger. If you've never heard this music before, you are in for a real treat.  When listening to this movie suite, I am reminded of Aaron Copeland, the way the main theme spins in and out of control.  Is this Billy The Kid?  No it's not.  Fortunately, it is Silverado even though you might check every once in a while to be certain.  We are taken on a great musical ride with nary a detour with this orchestral tour-de-force.  With a timing of 33:06, I think that you'll enjoy this one!  -MJ

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schindler's List the Movie Suite

Schindler's List Suite
Music by John Williams

On rare occasions, it becomes necessary to pass on a work that trancends simple conventions of motion picture scoring. A work that touches both the heart and the head. A work that breathes on its own. And finally a work that won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1993. Actually, this movie suite is not a convenient orchestral composition, instead it is more like a fine poetry of musical phrases that has been carefully quilted together to enjoy. There are the solos and intensive violin work from the famed virtuoso Itshak Perlman as well as some excellent piano work from someone. Connecting those instruments are the moments of orchestra that may be considered to be a massive quartet than anything else. Still, it is evokable music that belongs way up there on the mantel of movie suites. I really hope you enjoy this for the first or the next time. -MJ

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Land Before Time, The Movie Suite

Land Before Time, The Suite
Music by James Horner

What a busy month it has been. So sorry, but haven't had enough time to keep up with this.  Today we have a seldom heard, if not completely ignored movie suite from the master, Mr. James Horner.  If you have ever seen this motion picture, then you must have children, or at the very least, spent time around them, since this movie is geared to the younger members of our species.  As far as the music goes, that is a shame, because Mr. Horner scored a terrific piece for the beginning of time when life is wonderful and full of hope for the future.  Actually this work is more like a symphony than a soundtrack score and judging by the scarcity of the availability of this music, many others must also agree.  With a timing of 25:28, this will leave you longing for more of the same. Hope you enjoy.  -MJ

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deep Impact Movie Suite

Deep Impact Suite
Music by James Horner

There are so many end-of-days movies out there, but this one had James Horner scoring the music so at least when there was nothing happening onscreen the fine music kept us going to the final conclusion.  This music is purely Mr. Horner. It sounds vaguely familiar, particularly when there is a piano riff, maybe a little like Rocketeer; yet when the main theme soars we are filled with the feelings of hope and the terror of life's choices. Why does one person live and another person die? We can't answer that, but it is certain that we are all given chances and it's how we reacted in those moments that makes a difference. That may be what this suite says to you and since it is entertaining on it's own merits as a movie suite, I'm happy to share it with you. With a timing that checks in at 28:46, I hope that you enjoy this one. -MJ

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