Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deep Impact Movie Suite

Deep Impact Suite
Music by James Horner

There are so many end-of-days movies out there, but this one had James Horner scoring the music so at least when there was nothing happening onscreen the fine music kept us going to the final conclusion.  This music is purely Mr. Horner. It sounds vaguely familiar, particularly when there is a piano riff, maybe a little like Rocketeer; yet when the main theme soars we are filled with the feelings of hope and the terror of life's choices. Why does one person live and another person die? We can't answer that, but it is certain that we are all given chances and it's how we reacted in those moments that makes a difference. That may be what this suite says to you and since it is entertaining on it's own merits as a movie suite, I'm happy to share it with you. With a timing that checks in at 28:46, I hope that you enjoy this one. -MJ

APE FILES (Lossless):


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