Friday, September 10, 2010

Legends Of The Fall Movie Suite

Legends Of The Fall Suite
Music by James Horner

Sometimes, the score to a motion picture seems to blend seemlessly with the pictures on the screen so well that it seems as if they were created at the same moment, with one goal in mind.  Mr. Horner's score to this romantic work of drama lifted him from the doldrums and began his amazing performances in the movies that he scored after this one, such as: Apollo 13, Braveheart and Titanic. Filled with pulsing themes of passion and hope, as well as loss and regret, we are treated to a musical portrait of a timeless nature, of emotions that will be around as long as man.  Naysayers may say that Mr. Horner copied John Barry from Dance With Wolves, or that he borrowed heavily from Wagner, but the people that snatched up this music keep it close to the heart, and this score is considered a cult classic by those that are willing to follow James Horner to the very end.  As a movie suite, we are presented with a composition with a timing of 28:03 that belongs right up there among the best. Hope you enjoy!  -MJ

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