Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Of The Mohicans Movie Suite

Last of the Mohicans, The Suite
Music by Randy Edelman, Orchestrated by Trevor Jones

Bridging the gap between the Celtic sounds of colonial America and the sweeping strings of Randy Edelman comes a movie suite unlike any other.  Emotionally charged and filled with magnificant vistas of sound this movie suite promises to fill you with undying devotion to all things Celtic.  Okay, first some orchestral vision; okay, now some Celtic vision; okay, now some orchestral; now some Celtic and so on and so forth.  It really works.  It comes together so well that it causes some to wonder if this is what the composers really expected to happen.  With a timing of just under 20 minutes, it is over too soon, so enjoy it while you can.  -MJ



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