Friday, August 7, 2009

Rants and Ravings of a Fine Lunatic

Okay, there are blogs out there with opinions as big as zepplins. There are also blogs where a person can share an interest and a belief that goes beyond opinion and borders on the obsessive. Here at movie suites, I try to tell it like it is when discussing a motion picture score, yet it must be understood that these are my own opinions, as such as they may be. Certainly when it comes to movie suites or even movie soundtracks in general, my opinion certainly can and does come from an obsessive point of view.

Huh? You probably could care less about my opinion, so I'll get on with the issue at hand. While listening to the latest scores for the latest movies (Summer of 2009) I am really quite concerned. Where have all the themes gone? Where is the movie tune that everyone knows? Why is it that so much of the new soundtracks are simply mood music (moodtracks) and not the symphonic portraits that they certainly could be? It may be true that for every three or four moodtracks out there, there is at least one gem among them. It may also be true that there are upcoming motion pictures with unbelievable movie scores that will certainly rewrite history. Sure hope so.

That's why we have movie suites, where we can take the special cues, emotional themes and memorable passages and then carefully merge them into a listenable masterwork. Just remember when the movie suite has a timing of only 15 minutes from a 2 hour movie, you can imagine just how much mood music was left in the recycle bin.

Okay, sorry about that. I rarely rant and rave, but felt that I had to get this off of my chest. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the music! -MJ

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